On the 3rdof December 2022, Mizero care Organization in partnership with InterpeaceRwanda held the 4th edition of sharing Joy conference at Norsken Kigali. The conference brought together all MoC shareholders and stakeholders. The theme of the day was “Break the silence around Mental health issues”. 

The theme represents the Journey of healing undertaken by our beneficiaries. Through mental health therapy, the beneficiaries were given a new hope to life and set back on the track to development. Moreover, the theme represents all the collective mental health awareness efforts undertaken by MoC and its partners.

At the event, we celebrated the 30 MoC beneficiaries who had completed their mental health therapy sessions. The beneficiaries were introduced to the next stage in their development; the Mizero Care Club, a follow up program that monitors the beneficiaries after the therapy sessions.

The highlight of the day was the birthday celebrations. It is our culture to celebrate the birthdays of beneficiaries who did not know when they were born and those that did know of their birthdates but unfortunately have no family left to celebrate with them. As a treat, the Itorero graced the event with their beautiful music and dances.  In addition, MoC introduced the new 150 beneficiaries who are to be introduced to therapy sessions. The beneficiaries were from the following districts;Gasabo, Nyarugenge, Kicukiro na Nyamagabe.

The Executive Director of Moc closed the event with a heartfelt message of gratitude, he said “I am thankful to all bodies that helped us reach this far, private and government organizations, religious institutions and the youth that are here with us today.

My outmost gratitude to the guest of honour, the representative of MINUBUMWE and MYCULTURE. Special thanks to Dr, Gakuba Jeanne the advisor to the first lady and the Mufti Sheikh Salim HITIMANA for being with us today. “

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Mizero Care Organization-2024

Mizero Care Organization-2024