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Our Services

MoC, a Rwandan NGO founded in 2013, aims to empower youth by addressing post-traumatic stress disorder,
promoting active participation, resilience, and positive change.

Psychotherapy services

Along the course of addressing mental health issues due to the consequences of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, transgeneration trauma, mental health crisis, the main intervention of Mizero Care Organization (MoC) consists of psychotherapy services.

Thanks to our mental health experts we offer psychotherapy services to our beneficiaries who are in need of physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and transpersonal well-being. We conduct individual therapy, group therapy through face-to-face and digital means. We also do mental health awareness.

Peacebuilding and reconciliation

This program is provided to the community in a form a workshop with various theme focusing on promoting healing, peace, social cohesion and resilience through community dialogues at community level or school level. These forums involves a range of measures targeted to focus on problem solving, also to reduce the risk of lapsing or relapsing into conflict that result into human security that protect fundamental freedoms. The more social cohesion and resilience exists, the more likely a society will be cohesive and active citizens in development and thus possess the inclusive mechanisms necessary for mediating or managing conflict and national development at large.

Health related activity

This project engages the organization in empowering the community with information to deal with HIV/AIDS, drugs and provide support to vulnerable communities with Community Base Health insurance.

Educational opportunities

The organization caters for providing beneficiaries in need with school fees and school materials for some students in TVET schools, high schools, partnering with universities that offers scholarship that gives access to higher education and workforce development.

Youth capacity building and entrepreneurship

This includes orientation and youth cooperatives formation, support in resource mobilization, sustainable financing through existing cooperatives in Rwanda and partnering with education centers that provide our beneficiaries with training on Financial Education & Savings, including sessions to enhance their competitiveness & productivity on the labor market.

Our Projects

Mizero Care Organization (MoC) embodies with mission to fight against mental health-based isolation caused by the
consequences of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 and bring about sustainable development.

Tele-mental health services

Our tele-mental health services through Nsanga digital clinic includes Nsanga App and Vugukire Hotline.

To cope with all mental health barriers including stigma, with scaling up effective mental health care services and reach out a wide range of vulnerable community in need of mental health care, Mizero Care Organization initiated Nsanga App including Vugukire Hotline/advanced call center which aims to digitalize psychotherapy interventions on demand, easy access, confidential and affordable manner

Vugukire is a Kinyarwanda word which means Talk and Get Healed, whereas Nsanga means Come to me and there are the foundation of healing process that embodies a safe platform with confidentiality and accessibility by individual psychotherapy.

Sharing joy project

Sharing joy conference was initiated by Mizero Care Organization with a specific objective as follows; The feeling of isolation breaks the social cohesion and integration into the community development. Sharing Joy Conference aims at freeing young people from isolation, rebuilding their hope and confidence for a bright future through psychotherapy services, boost their potentials and support their progressive participation in community development. During this conference, beneficiaries who completed recovering process are officially recognized as members of Mizero Care Club (MCC) while new beneficiaries are introduced for the healing process.

Health project

Our health project supports youth health promotion in mental health, mutual health support, healthy lifestyle, and sexual and reproductive health, including prevention of STIs, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and teenage pregnancy consequences.

Youth Empowerment

MoC is transforming youth through a Youth Empowerment Program, providing mentorship, skills development, and personal growth to equip them for leadership and community contributions.

Educational Opportunities.

MoC promotes education through its Educational Opportunities program, offering scholarships, mentorship, and resources to underserved individuals, fostering a community where everyone can reach their academic potential.

Mizero Care Organization-2024

Mizero Care Organization-2024