Kenyan Parliamentarians’ Delegation Explores Mizero Care Organization’s Impact on Peacebuilding and Social Healing

In a significant diplomatic exchange, a delegation from the Kenyan Parliament paid a visit to Mizero Care Organization (MoC) in Kigali, Rwanda, on June 6, 2023, from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Hosted at MoC’s office in Norrsken East Africa, Kigali House, HealthTech Hub Africa, Flex office 5.5, the event aimed at fostering collaboration and understanding between MoC and the visiting delegation.

MC Ivan Rwema, a MoC staff member, warmly welcomed the guests, setting the stage for the proceedings. The Chairman of MoC expressed gratitude for the distinguished presence of guests from both the Rwandan and Kenyan Members of Parliaments.

Hon. Charles Kamuren, Chair of the National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity Commission of the Kenyan Parliament, delivered a keynote speech introducing the delegation. He expressed appreciation for being hosted by MoC and acknowledged the impactful work of the organization.

The Chairman of MoC shared the organization’s background story, emphasizing its mission to support genocide survivors, facilitate reconciliation among perpetrators, assist families of individuals convicted of genocide crimes, aid repatriates, and empower the youth born during and after the genocide. Personal experiences were shared, underscoring the importance of encouraging MoC beneficiaries to open up, heal their wounds, and build resilience. A comprehensive overview of MoC’s work was presented through a PowerPoint presentation.

Members of the Kenyan Parliament commended MoC for its peacebuilding efforts, recognizing it as an exemplary model. Madam Hon. Annoncée Manirarora, a representative from the Rwandan Parliament, reaffirmed Rwanda’s commitment to unity and reconciliation, aligning with the shared dedication to peacebuilding.

In the Q&A session, Hon. Jane Kagiri Wangechi from the Kenyan Parliament inquired about MoC’s service charges. It was clarified that MoC does not charge for its services, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to supporting social healing, cohesion, and community resilience. Additional questions were raised about future plans and the number of employees at MoC. The Chairman briefly addressed these queries, expressing the organization’s dedication to its positive work.

The event provided a platform for meaningful discussions and exchanges between MoC, the Kenyan Members of Parliament, and the Rwandan Member of Parliament. The discussions highlighted MoC’s mission, impact, and dedication to peacebuilding and support for families affected by genocide.

The visit concluded with an appreciation for MoC’s work and the benchmarking visit. The Rwandan Member of Parliament shared the principle of being Rwandan, emphasizing the importance of three choices made by Rwandans in the journey of nation-building: to stay together, to be accountable, and to think big as a foundation of unity and a strategic goal guided by vision 2050 and National Strategy for Transformation (NST).

This visit strengthened the ties between MoC and the Kenyan Parliament, fostering collaboration and understanding in the pursuit of peacebuilding and support for genocide survivors and affected families.

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Mizero Care Organization-2024

Mizero Care Organization-2024