In partnership with World Vision ADP Nyamagabe, Mizero Care Foundation held -three days of dialogues on trauma healing, peacebuilding and family Social cohesion at Ubumwe Center. Participants were made of youth students and those around out of schools in Gasaka Sector, Kamegeri, and Nzega Sector.

Dialogues were aimed at transforming the 65 youth participants into the beacon of peace and a voice of healthy relation in family, they were from Unity and Reconciliation clubs, anti-genocide clubs in categories of students and those in different life routines, out of school.

After testimonial speeches, youth participants gave feedbacks on how they benefited from the time and space given to them to reflect on their issues and know much about the Rwandan Genocide against The Tutsi in 1994 that resulted from divisions that never valued human dignity. Youth participants made vows to fully commit on the development without division mindsets.

These youth Dialogue seminars were held on dates 28 April 2015 and closed on Friday 30 April 2015; facilitators were Psychologists-experts in mental health who urged youths to stay away from any kind of social discriminations, for this was the major factor to Genocide that slaughtered more than a million lives.

Facts on how to find inner peace were put in front of youth participants that loving others is key and if possibly loving even those who do not love them in back.

One of the participants excitedly shared; “We were taught a lot and important, that has changed our minds now. We have moved from a place to another in thinking, due to the light knowledge that was brought to our minds”.

Youth Participants were educated that the concept of Peace is seen to be an integrated way of healthy relations that dignifies diversity and valuing their abilities first.

The Executive Director of Mizero Care Foundation, Mrs. Pélagie MUHAYIMANA gave gratitude to youth participants for their great ambition to join hands together saying never again to Genocide, with mutual respect, looking after one another with so much value.

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Mizero Care Organization-2024

Mizero Care Organization-2024