The MoC family (MoC board, other organs, founder members, friends and colleagues) congratulates Iréné MIZERO as an awardee of the Celebrating Young Rwandans Achievers (CYRWA) award 2017.

He was awarded among the 10 young achievers, individuals, entrepreneurs, and organisations whose work benefits youth.

These achievers were recognized by First Lady the Chairperson of Imbuto Foundation and the Ministry of Youth for their innovative approach and contributions that have significantly improved lives in the country and beyond.

Mizero was awarded for the establishment of the organization, Mizero Care Foundation that supports young Rwandans with post-traumatic stress disorder for them to overcome these hardships and be in a position to participate in society.

Your passion, ambition and hard work could not go unrecognized. Keep working hard, and inspire more youth to work harder and contribute to the betterment of Rwanda’s society. This is quoted from Her Excellency First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, Mrs Jeannette KAGAME while delivering a speech at the awarding ceremony that was held on the 08th of December last year at the Kigali Convention Centre.

In his message for the reception of the award, the chairman of MoC thanked the First lady for recognizing his effort to impact the Rwandan society.

“Thank you very much Your Excellency First Lady for the recognition of our contribution in terms of youth empowerment and social work through our psychotherapy services and other programs. This strengthens our leadership position and also improves the growth and the visibility of our organization. This is an award for the entire team at Mizero Care Organization and those who nominated me. This award encourages me to uplift the sustainability of our organization in terms of youth health care and empowerment in all possible intervention areas. May God help me to merit it and keep this trust,” Mizero said.

The Chairman presented this award on the 26th of December 2017 during the celebration of the third edition of Sharing Joy, a Mizero Care Joy project, which is celebrated every year for its psychotherapy services among other activities. These celebrations were held under the theme “Recovering process”. The celebrations also encompassed the graduation of 125 beneficiaries who underwent the program.

Mizero Care Organization-2024

Mizero Care Organization-2024